Aptar Pharma’s PureHale technology launched with Blairex Laboratories’ brand

Aptar Pharma's patented PureHale™ respiratory aerosol device is the delivery system behind Blairex Laboratories’ new Breathe Free® Essentials brand, marking the first global commercial launch of a brand using its PureHale technology.

Breathe Free Essentials is formulated with moisturising saline and 100% natural essential oils and is available in three blends – Soothing, Relaxing, and Clarity. Each Breathe Free Essentials kit comes with a personal face mask and adapter for “effortless, on-the-go delivery for today’s in-demand lifestyle”, according to Aptar.

PureHale technology was designed for upper respiratory care. An alternative to the traditional nebuliser technology, PureHale, when used with saline and other natural ingredients, distributes a fine, gentle mist to cleanse, moisturise and soothe the upper respiratory tract, helping to reduce irritations caused by coughs, allergies, colds, respiratory problems and dry nose/throat issues.

The user-friendly PureHale system is based on Aptar Pharma’s bag-on-valve technology, which when actuated, delivers a continuous mist with fine particles optimised for targeted deposition to the upper airways.

“Blairex Laboratories has a history of offering products in innovative packaging and delivery systems,” said Jeffrey Logston, president at Blairex Laboratories. “Breathe Free Essentials continues that legacy. We designed Breathe Free Essentials to create an on-the-go personal retreat, and hope to provide our customers with a much-needed moment to breathe.”

Gael Touya, president of Aptar Pharma, commented: “We are pleased to partner with Blairex on this first launch for our PureHale device with Breathe Free Essentials. PureHale’s innovative technology is meeting a new need in the marketplace for portable, on-the-go respiratory support. We look forward to this and future launches using PureHale.”

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