Aptar joins major diversity in the workplace initiative

Aptar, a global leader in dispensing, sealing and active packaging solutions, has announced it has joined the Catalyst CEO Champions for Change. Aptar’s president and CEO Stephan Tanda made a ‘strong commitment’ ensuring the company is focused on gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The Catalyst CEO Champions For Change is a ‘transformational diversity and inclusion initiative’ launched by Catalyst, a global thought leader and partner in accelerating the progress of women at work for more than 50 years. Aptar joins more than 60 other global firms who are committing to drive change.

Under the initiative, companies pledge to:

  • Accelerate progress in the representation of women, including women of colour, in executive/senior-level positions

  • Maintain (where strong) or accelerate the representation of women, including women of colour, on the company’s board of directors (or equivalent)

  • Strengthen the pipeline of women through an annual review of internal diagnostics and leverage practices to address any identified issues

  • Benchmark and track inclusion and improve the culture of inclusion within the organisation

  • Share key representation metrics with Catalyst for benchmarking and for anonymised reporting of our collective aggregate progress

“Aptar is honoured to be a Catalyst CEO For Change company,” said Aptar president and CEO Stephan Tanda. “We are a global organisation full of diverse, highly-skilled, passionate colleagues who are focused on reimagining packaging solutions to improve everyday life for people everywhere. We are committed to enhancing our vibrant work culture so that everyone can reach their full potential.”

Aptar is recognised for having 40% women leaders on its board of directors and its board committees are chaired by women. The company is also included in the SPDR® SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF (SHE), which invests in US large-capitalisation companies that rank among the highest in their sector in terms of gender diversity within senior leadership positions.

Catalyst CEO Champions for Change firms represent around 10 million employees and some $3 trillion (€2.71 trillion) in revenue globally. Lorraine Hariton, president and CEO of Catalyst, added: “The positive ripple effect from their commitment is tremendous in helping to build workplaces where everyone has a fair chance to succeed.”

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