Aptar Beauty + Home mobilising its resources to fight against COVID-19

Aptar Beauty + Home has mobilised its resources in the fight against COVID-19.

The dispensing and packaging solutions giant said it “moved promptly” to reorganise its production facilities, helping to deliver essential supplies to customers as they began manufacturing health and safety products for first-line responders.

Manufacturers all over the world have mobilised to produce essential items such as hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial products. Aptar’s far-reaching production capabilities meant it was able to respond to the urgent need for large quantities of important components, such as pumps and closures for hand sanitisers. The company has helped to deliver and produce components to help during the pandemic:

  • Delivered Satine and Euroflow pumps “in record time” to French luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, one of the country’s first major companies to repurpose cosmetics manufacturing facilities to produce hydroalcoholic gels.

  • Delivered GS lotion pumps to L’Oreal, which enabled it to begin producing hand sanitiser products in mid-March, as lockdown restrictions were being implemented across Europe.

  • Produced (through Aptar Italia) GSA pumps for Spanish manufacturer Laboratorios Maverick, enabling it to speed up production of hand sanitisers for hospitals.

  • Helped to manufacture and donate bottles of hydroalcoholic gel via Aptar Beauty + Home’s Full-Service team, equipped with Aptar HighFlow pumps, to pharmacies and clinics in the Auvergne-Rhones Alpes region.

  • One of Aptar’s product design engineers, based in Illinois, US, personally made face shields and ear guards using 3D printing for local hospitals and fire departments.

In a statement, Aptar said: “We have taken all necessary steps to protect our front-line manufacturing teams to ensure we can continue to produce products essential to fighting the pandemic, such as pumps and closures for hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial products, pharma solutions that help save lives, or food and beverage solutions to help people maintain basic nutritional needs.

“Aptar will continue to monitor and analyse our global processes and responses as the pandemic evolves. Our COVID-19 Global Action Team is meeting daily and has instigated the COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan to protect our employees and operations. This ensures business continuity while prioritising the health of our employees will continue to be our primary focus during this difficult time.”

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