APR Packaging presents new airless solution

The Canadian-headquartered packaging provider unveils its patented airless packaging, featuring a twist open/concealed nozzle.

APR Packaging exhibited its patented solution at the recent ADF & PCD New York 2018 event, for the aerosol and dispensing industry.


How does it work?

APR Packaging has created a patented twist open/concealed nozzle airless package. In its closed position, the solution’s nozzle is hidden, and the actuator is locked. When the actuator is secured and locked, users are unable to dispense any of the formulation contained inside.

To open, users twist this nozzle and unlock the actuator. Ideal for the cosmetics and personal care sectors, this airless packaging aims to provide a convenient and precise dispenser.

APR Packaging has also launched airless bottles and jars. This airless packaging enables the bottle’s contents to dispense in a conventional and user-friendly way, which simultaneously maintains the stability of the formulation.


Airless technology

Airless bottles use a non-pressurised vacuum dispensing system that contain a mechanical pump. Consistently opening a conventional pump exposes the material/formulation to the air, which can lead to oxidation and reduced effectiveness. Without protection, these items can dry out or become contaminated.

To support the company’s green and eco-friendly strategy, these airless solutions advocate the organic and natural message; use no or less chemical preservative; promote easy dispensing as the product does not need to be upright; and results in an extended product shelf life when the airless solution does not come into contact with the air.

A variety of factors including material, consistency and pH can influence the suitability of placing a formulation in airless packaging. Producers should, therefore, perform a fitness test before starting manufacturing to ensure airless packaging is appropriate for the product concept.

The company, which has offices in the US, China and Korea, focuses on sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. It currently uses bamboo over shells, for example, on its range of bottles, pumps, jar caps and compact cases.

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