Amsoil launches three new aerosol cleaning items

Synthetic lubricants and filters formulator and packager, Amsoil, unveils three new aerosol items targeted at the automotive and powersport industries.

The US company released its latest trio of products on 10th August 2018. The expanded lineup of aerosol goods is aimed at businesses seeking to provide end-consumers with professional-level cleaning capabilities.

Marketing to the automotive and powersport sectors, the brand emphasises the performance-enhancing and long-lasting benefits that can be derived from using its three newly-released formulas.

Introducing the trio

Amsoil’s three new products have their own distinct formulations, properties and applications to provide varied, and together, a comprehensive solution. The trio of products consists of Amsoil Mudslinger, Amsoil Engine Degreaser and Amsoil Glass Cleaner.

Amsoil Mudslinger

A pretreatment that has been specially designed and produced to create a “non-stick surface”, Amsoil Mudslinger comes in a 12-ounce aerosol spray can and offers a protective layer against the build up of mud, dirt and snow.

Using low-pressure water, Mudslinger is formulated to make cleaning easier, and also combats the harmful effects of UV rays, preventing the colour and/or shine deterioration of equipment.

Amsoil Engine Degreaser

Amsoil’s Engine Degreaser, which is packaged in 15-ounce spray cans, is marketed as a professional-strength formula that focuses on removing stains and the accumulation of dirt from engine surfaces.

The formulation contains degreasing solvents, which issues a strong stream that can be applied to all engine components. Emphasising the safe nature of the product, Amsoil also notes how the product leaves no residue. 

Amsoil Glass Cleaner

The company’s Glass Cleaner has been produced ammonia-free for use on all glass including tinted windows. The formulation comes in 19-ounce spray cans and purports to leave no drips, runs, haze or streaks. 

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