Amazon to charge fees for unmarked aerosols

E-commerce giant Amazon is set to start charging third-party sellers penalty fees for packages that fail to comply with its safety standards, according to CNBC.

This will include unmarked aerosols as well as leaky chemicals. According to CNBC, Amazon has sent out an email to sellers saying those who ship unsafe packages to its warehouses will be penalised.

Amazon has specific rules on how aerosols and other products should be packaged, as they need to comply with federal regulations.

Apparently, it is hoped that the new fees will both reduce clutter in Amazon warehouses as well as lower the number of hazardous materials safety violations in its shipments.

CNBC reports that Amazon will charge the fee under what it calls “unplanned services”. These criteria will aim to ensure packages meet safety standards in six areas: shipping box overweight, shipping box oversized, electrical hazard, sharp products hazard, spilled products hazard and unacceptable pallet condition.

"This means new fees for Amazon sellers that are not very careful about following Amazon's guidelines," Paul Dworianyn, founder of Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions, which helps Amazon merchants, told CNBC.

"Amazon is taking a more proactive and transparent approach to show sellers where they may be falling short."

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