Alupro teams up with Resource Efficient Data for waste recycling figures

Welsh start-up company Resource Efficient Data (RED) has partnered with the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) to provide UK waste data flow for 12 months.

The partnership gives Alupro access to RED’s platform of UK waste data, which houses open source data from Waste Data Flow and other open-source data, allowing easy searches by material type, material source, local authority, region and more.

Rick Hindley, executive director at Alupro, said: “We immediately saw the benefit and ease of use of using RED’s platform of UK waste data. It will help us to analyse and compare data even further, in particular with our MetalMatters programme we run with our local authority partners.

“Data we have traditionally received to analyse the impact of this programme ranges from very good to quite poor, which sometimes makes analysis very difficult. This platform will certainly aid us with our programme analysis to achieve clearer results, and also to identify new local authorities that could benefit from our support.”

Steve Hooley and James Kay, the co-founders of RED, have collaborated to bring their respective experiences in the fields of data analysis and waste management together for a ‘unique offering’ in the market place. In a statement, Hooley and Kay said: “We are delighted Alupro has found value in the RED UK waste data platform. We are confident the objectives Alupro has will be simplified by using our tool. We are excited about working together.”

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