Aluminium’s environmental advances

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Aluconsult talks to us about sustainable packaging solutions in the field of aluminium aerosol cans and aluminium collapsible tubes

The terms sustainability, recycling (PCR and PIR) and carbon footprint characterise the discussions about the future of many areas of life today, and the packaging industry is no exception. Here, we take a look at aluminium aerosol cans and aluminium tubes in that context.

The combination of these two packaging materials was not chosen at random but is derived from the fact that both products are largely produced on the basis of so-called slugs.

Slugs are precision blanking parts which are manufactured by various producers worldwide. The slugs are processed into the end products by the producers of the aerosol cans and aluminium collapsible tubes using the cold extrusion process. In the packaging industry, only low-alloyed aluminium alloys are used.

The development of aluminium alloys for aerosol cans
While pure aluminium was still the alloy of choice up until a few years ago, various aluminium alloys are now being used to an increasing extent. Both,...

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