ALPLA to invest €50m per year on recycling activities

ALPLA, which specialises in the development, production, and recycling of plastic packaging, will invest up to €50 million a year, on average, between now and 2025 to further expand its recycling activities.

The organisation plans to globalise its activities in the area of high-quality recyclates to close the materials cycle in as many regions as possible.

In 2017, ALPLA Group signed the Global Commitment of the New Plastics Economy (an initiative led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation) and committed to spending a total of €50 million to expand its recycling activities to 2025. The organisation is now significantly increasing this investment target.

“We have been very active in the past two years,” said Georg Lässer, head of corporate recycling at ALPLA. “We succeeded in initiating bottle-to-bottle projects around the world, including in Asia, Europe, and Central America.

“We nevertheless continue to see increasing demand on the part of our customers all over the world. This sustained demand gives ALPLA the opportunity to kick-start further investment projects.”

Günther Lehner, chairman of the company advisory board, added that the company will focus on ‘high-quality application areas’ in new regions. He said: “Our aim is to establish a bottle-to-bottle cycle – including in regions in which the recycling of waste does not currently play a large part.”

ALPLA’s move into high-density polyethylene (HDPE) recycling in 2019 represents another milestone for the company. This is being continued with the construction of a plant in Toluca, Mexico, which is scheduled to go into production in autumn this year.

The firm is also currently creating a PET and HDPE recycling plant in Thailand, together with a cooperation partner. Capacities at the existing plants in Austria, Poland, and Germany have been expanded over the past two years and just recently, ALPLA announced the installation of an rPET extrusion system at one of its own pre-form plants in Italy.

In total, the annual capacity of the ALPLA recycling companies, joint ventures, and partnerships amounts to around 130,000 tonnes of PET and 60,000 tonnes of PE.

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