ALPLA develops world’s first carbon-neutral recycled PET

Global plastic packaging manufacturer and recycling specialist ALPLA has developed the world’s first carbon-neutral recycled PET.

ALPLA switched its PET Recycling Team plants in Wollersdorf, Austria, and Radomsko, Poland, to a mix of electricity from renewable sources to produce carbon-neutral recycled polyethylene terephthalate.

Georg Lässer, head of recycling at ALPLA, said: “This step has already had a big impact on the carbon footprint of our food-grade regranulate – according to the calculations, emissions are cut by up to 90% compared with virgin material.

“The feedback from the market regarding this further development has been very good.”

The company is offering its customers carbon-neutral rPET based on the purchase of certificates. The remaining ‘unavoidable’ emissions relating, for example, to the delivery of the input material to the plants, are offset with carbon certificates.

Lässer added: “The world’s first carbon-neutral regranulate can make a significant contribution to climate protection and highlight the value of used plastics.

“We are once again demonstrating that close collaboration between packaging developers, packaging manufacturers, and recycling experts can lead to solutions which set an example for the industry as a whole.”

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