Alain D’Haese on what to expect from Aerosol Today 2022

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European Aerosol Federation (FEA) secretary general Alain D'Haese spoke to World Aerosols about the circular economy, the importance of in-person events and the Aerosol Today format going forward.
Sustainability and reusable packaging form an important part of the programme at Aerosol Today 2022. Do you see the aerosol industry's future in the circular economy and sustainability?
"Definitely yes. There is, however, a difference between the two. With the circular economy, you can define quite clearly whether you are 'circular' or not. I think our industry is already partly circular in the sense that aerosol dispensers are recyclable, but we need to further level up post-consumer aerosol collections and recycling rates in different countries - although that is not specific to the aerosol industry. Doing so will increase the circularity.
"But sustainability is a never-ending story. You try to improve constantly and reduce your carbon and environmental footprints, and for that, I do not think there is a definitive moment when we can call a product 'sustainable'. You always try to reach a higher level in further decreasing...

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