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With a strong foothold in Europe and the United States, Airopack International has said it is on a mission to take its air-powered dispensing global, as it ventures into the Asian market for the first time in partnership with Airodispensing Solutions in South Korea.
With a market that’s always on the cutting edge of innovation, Airodispensing Solutions CEO Tae Kim said that South Korea is the perfect market to introduce Airopack’s air-powered dispensing solution to Asia.
“I first saw Airopack’s packaging in action in the US almost 12 years ago. But, we’ve never seen that kind of packaging here in Asia,” Kim explained.
“Today in South Korea, the packaging market is growing quickly, and consumers want the latest technology, but they also want something that is eco-friendly. Airopack is all of that —smart, green and economical.”
As with many other nations, the South Korean government is pushing for more sustainable packaging, and Airopack’s recycled PET option and air-powered technology without aerosols align with this ambition.
“Airopack packaging allows us to get ahead of the curve and supply the market with the sustainable packaging solutions it needs to get ahead,” Kim went on to say.
“This is a really exciting entryway into Asia because the Korean market has so many products, from its world-famous cosmetics to household products.”
Airopack CEO Maarten Kool is equally excited about the prospects, as he commented the new joint venture is a great opportunity to bring Airopack’s innovative packaging solutions to more people.
“Besides its air-powered technology and green packaging, Airopack is successful because we do all that while providing the customer with a better user experience,” Kool explained.
“There’s no loss of pressure, full evacuation and clear packaging so you can see exactly what you get. I think at the end of the day, South Koreans are going to appreciate how well our innovative packaging works and how easily they integrate into their lifestyle.”
The joint partnership between Airopack and Airodispensing Solutions will be as a manufacturer and filler, with Airopack continuing to manufacture its high-tech dispensing solutions at its state-of-the-art facility in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, and Airodispensing Solutions filling the bottles for the Korean Market in the southern city of Changwon.
Located strategically in the free trade zone, the Changwon facility allows Airopack packaging to be easily imported and exported.
Airodispensing Solutions’factory is slated to start operations in early spring 2023.

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