Aerosol Service announces collaboration with Pomeranian University in Poland

Credit: Aerosol Service
Credit: Aerosol Service
Aerosol Service has announced a collaboration with the Pomeranian University in Słupsk, Poland, following a positive visit from university representatives to the company's headquarters.
Chancellor Emilia Simonowicz and Vice-Rector for Development and Cooperation, Dr. Marek Łukasik, visited Aerosol Service's head office earlier this month.
The purpose of the meeting was to define the areas of cooperation between the company and the institution.
Aerosol Service said it had identified several areas in which the organisations could collaborate: including scientific research, internships, study visits for students, as well as the organisation of joint scientific events and trainings.
"We are very pleased with the arrangements that have been reached during the talks, and both parties have expressed their willingness to finalise the agreement by signing the agreement," said Aerosol Service in a statement.
"We would like to thank the Chancellor and the Vice-Rector for fruitful talks and commitment to building lasting relationships. We look forward to finalising and signing the agreement, which will open up new perspectives for both parties."
Credit: Aerosol Service

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