Aerosol recycling 2.0 – reducing food waste

How hard is it to recycle food product aerosols? Gary Okey, executive vice-president at Recycle Aerosol, explains.

As an environmentalist since my youth, it is not often that a project serves several passions simultaneously. However, as we push to recycle all components of the aerosol package and for all types of aerosol products, recycling non-empty aerosols in the food products category provides me with just such an opportunity.

Food product aerosols are a significant category representing approximately 15% of US aerosol products, having shown steady growth for a dozen years before experiencing small declines the last two years. The category includes cooking pan sprays, cheese products, whipped cream, and icing or cake decorations, among others. Within these food-related aerosol packages we encounter oils and thick creams or batters, all containing varying amounts of food calories, proteins, and other nutrients. As with other aerosol products, we strive to assess the value within the individual aerosol products to be recycled, and determine the best use for those quality products in recognition of their original intent.
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