Aerosol quality and inspection

Quality by Vision, a company specialising in the development and manufacturing of quality and process control systems for the metal packaging industry, discusses aerosol quality and inspection solutions.

With a comprehensive suite of systems for quality control of food, beverage, and aerosol cans already in place, along with years of experience working with aerosol can manufacturers to solve quality challenges, accommodating the growing demand from monobloc can makers was the next natural step for Quality by Vision (QBYV).

For several years now, monobloc can makers who have seen QBYV’s SEAMetal system for double seam inspection for 3 and 2-piece cans, hydrostatic (buckle and burst) testers and multidimensional automatic gauges (MDA) have asked QBYV to help them improve the quality of their products. Could these tried and true systems be modified to test monobloc cans?

The first system to undergo modifications to accommodate monobloc cans was our popular hydrostatic tester. The challenge was that monobloc cans typically burst at higher pressures than traditional welded steel cans. Another requirement that QBYV...

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