Aerosol production in Pakistan

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Engr Arslan Ahmad, manager production & planning at Nimir Industrial Chemicals Ltd (NIMIR), speaks to World Aerosols about the company, his role, the aerosol industry in Pakistan and the road ahead.
Nimir, established in 1964 and headquartered in Punjab, Pakistan, is a chemical manufacturing company. Since its formation it has evolved into a corporation of four companies, and the group is involved in a wide array of diversified products and services – entering the aerosols space in 2020.
Nimir’s aerosol activity
“Nimir is the largest aerosol manufacturing plant in Pakistan, boasting two distinct production lines dedicated to personal care and home care products,” Ahmad told World Aerosols. “With an impressive capacity of 120 cans per minute on each line, Nimir stands out as a prominent player in the aerosol industry.”
He explained that Nimir’s aerosol working model comprises six key stages; the first being third-party manufacturing, which forms a significant aspect of the corporation’s impact in the aerosol industry. It offers third-party manufacturing services to globally recognised multi-national...

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