Aerosol insights, trends and NPD on display in Paris

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In a glorious return to in-person events, there were aerosol developments a-plenty on display at the 2022 iteration of Paris Packaging Week, which took place June 29-30.

In one of many fascinating talks, Sarah Dubail, Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Sherwin-Williams Packaging Coatings, spoke about the company's new solutions for the interior and exterior of personal care and household goods that are packaged in a metal aerosol can.

One such newly-introduced product from its valPure family of NBPA products, is the V70 monobloc interior coating. At the show, Sherwin presented the performance attributes of the valPure V70 series solution.

Dubail said: "This non-BPA coating offers application performance of a standard epoxy plus the versatility to be used over 100% virgin aluminium, 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminium or any blend of new and PCR aluminium."

Elsewhere, Diede Klever, Product Developer, Pronova Laboratories, spoke about how limiting an aerosol’s spray rate can be beneficial in many situations. Klever, one of the inventors of AeroFocus™ Technology, explained to delegates the ways in which a precise spray can improve medical consumer products, and also help with sustainability challenges.

Tiziana Dorigo, Membership and Communications Manager, British Aerosol Manufacturers'​ Association (BAMA), gave a particularly insightful talk on VOC emissions emitted by aerosols. She discussed at length the current situation in the UK, as well as targets for the future.

And Laurence Joly, Business Development Facilitator, IntPact, drew a good crowd for her talk on the main concerns, opinions and expectations of consumers regarding aerosol products. Points of discussion included - How do claims such as “zero VOC”, “no gas”, etc. resonate with consumers and in the media? As part of the talk, Joly shared unique insights gained from analysing over 150 million media sources over the past six months.

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