Aerosol innovations in South America

With more than half a century of experience in the aerosol industry, Retycol has pioneered new formulations and technologies from its headquarters in Colombia.

Retycol has spent more than 50 years manufacturing aerosols in the healthcare, household, veterinary and personal care products.

With a dedicated research and development team, Retycol has developed many successful formulas for worldwide consumption, taking a product from concept to reality. The company has a wealth of experience in deodorant applications, having started with the first generation alcohol-based deodorant formulas, accomplishing the basic principle at the time, using alcohol as an active ingredient along with chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants.

In 1989, the company started producing aerosol deodorants, replacing CFCs with hydrocarbon propellants at different pressures, and developing an alternative combination of valves and actuator components to provide customers not just deodorant solutions, but also innovative applications.

“We keep moving forward and have developed a new structure of formulations, creating a new concept of...

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