Aerosol inhalation tragedy prompts calls for “drastic changes” in Australia

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Bradley Hope, a teenager from New South Wales in Australia tragically died after inhaling from an aerosol. His mother has told an inquest that: "We as a society can't afford to lose one more young life in this way ... there must be answers or solutions to prevent this," according to Daily Mail Australia.
Hope died in December 2019, after using an inhalant with friends during a sleepover.
In the first inquest of its kind, NSW State Coroner Teresa O'Sullivan on Friday handed down lengthy and urgent recommendations to address the trend of inhalant use, known as 'volatile substance misuse'.
O'Sullivan recommended NSW Health hold a roundtable with police, the education department, paramedics, manufacturers, retailers and youth and community services.
The roundtable should consider a public health campaign, education programmes for children and parents, potential legislation relating to the sale of inhalants and greater training for police and paramedics, she added.
O'Sullivan also recommended the Aerosol Association of Australia looks at the effectiveness of warning labels on containers, while manufacturers should continue research into new, safer products.

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