Aerosol cans contributed to UK house explosion

A house has been severely damaged in an explosion caused by a tumble dryer fire and aerosol cans. One person was at home in Suffolk, UK when the incident occurred.

The owner David Metherell, who was not home at the time, said the explosion happened after the tumble dryer ‘ignited’, according to a report by the BBC.

He said: “There were domestic aerosol cans stored in the kitchen and there is some suggestion they may have combusted in the fire. My understanding is that the tumble dryer was in use and became ignited and the fire spread quite rapidly and caused the damage.”

Firefighters worked with the electricity board, a building control officer and police to make the structure safe. A neighbour said she was watching TV when she heard the explosion: “We came running out and we could see the whole side of the house had gone. The windows and frames had blown out and the bricks around the windows had gone too. We could see a fire in the front room and a man was in the room where it happened.”

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