Aerosol can manufacturer Tubex wins big at ADF Awards in Paris

German aerosol can manufacturer Tubex has won two awards at the ADF&PCD and PLD event, which took place in Paris, France at the end of January 2020.

Unilever’s Dove Men & Care aerosol can, which was manufactured by Tubex, won the ADF Sustainability Award at the event. The can is manufactured with a patented alloy slug, and its weight reduction is nearly 20% compared to the previous can design.

The weight reduction was achieved by reducing wall thickness and modifying the shape of the shoulder of the can. However, reducing wall thickness can make cans more susceptible to denting during packing and transport; to minimise the risk of dents, Tubex invested in a new packaging technology: layer-wide packaging.

“The real advantage of this packing is that 15% more cans fit onto the pallet and 15% more pallets fit onto a truck,” explained Leo Werdich, managing director of Tubex. “This also means 15% less warehouse space/pallets are needed.”

The second award for Tubex was for its ‘Glam-Can’, a new decoration designed in a joint effort by Tubex Germany and Brazil. The choice of colours on this new, smooth decoration is unlimited; further decoration can be made by hot stamping, labelling or spot labelling.

The Glam-Can is suitable for aerosol content, as well as liquid content dispensed by pumps, such as foundations, perfumes and lotions.

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