AEROBAL reports slow-down in aluminium aerosol can production

The International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) has reported a slight slow-down in the production of aluminium aerosol cans in the first half of 2019.

Despite rapid growth in previous years, AEROBAL claims that year-on-year, its member companies’ production fell by 1% to around three billion cans. Gregor Spengler, AEROBAL’s secretary general, said: “Nobody could seriously expect a successful trend like the one the aluminium aerosol can has enjoyed in recent years to continue unabated and ignore global economic developments. Demand for aluminium aerosol cans is nevertheless still at a high level.”

AEROBAL reported that demand is increasing in European countries outside the EU and in the Middle East. However, demand has dropped in Western Europe, North America and Asia. Deodorants are still the most popular product, with a market share of around 60%.

Spengler noted a ‘certain reluctance’ among industry clients compared with previous years. Existing inventories have been reduced and there are signs of a trend towards packaging with a simpler design. As a result, AEROBAL has claimed its expectations for 2019 are ‘subdued’.

Leopold Werdich, AEROBAL president, said: “Besides the weak phase in the global economy, the most important challenges facing our industry are the development of new, innovative alloys and the use of eco-friendly coating technologies.

“We are also focusing, of course, on improving the recycling of aerosol cans around the globe. But here in particular, where recyclability and genuine sustainability are called for, aerosol cans made of aluminium offer clear advantages over other materials. This is another reason why we at AEROBAL regard future challenges more as an opportunity to further strengthen and expand the position of the aluminium aerosol can in the global packaging market of the future.”

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