AEROBAL outlines ‘record-breaking’ year for aluminium cans

The International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) revealed in a release that its members have produced over 6 billion aluminium cans for the first time.

In total, the association claimed that 8.14 billion aluminium cans were produced worldwide. AEROBAL stated that this was the second year in a row in which over 8 billion cans were globally produced, as well as being an improvement on 2017’s results.

According to AEROBAL, aluminium holds an estimated 50% market share of worldwide can production.

The organisation’s 26 members alone reported total global production of over 6 billion aluminium cans, which represents a growth of 2.2% compared with 2017. This is roughly a 75% share of total aluminium can production in the world.

AEROBAL also examined the distribution of the cans: 84% went to the cosmetics sector with 57% being used for deodorants and perfumes, and 15% used for hair sprays and mousse. Besides cosmetics, sectors of importance were the broad market for household goods (7%) and pharmaceuticals (6%).

“After the many growth records of recent years, our industry will be able to take a breather this year, so that delivery times should also return to more normal levels. Increasing demand for personal care products, such as shower and shaving foams, sun sprays and dry shampoos will bolster market developments in the coming months,” said AEROBAL president Leopold Werdich.

“In addition, pharmaceutical clients are showing growing interest in aluminium aerosol cans. They are increasingly appreciating the benefits of this packaging solution. I’m thinking in particular of the can’s high level of security, its simple and convenient handling and the hygienic and precise application of the active ingredients.”

Concluding, AEROBAL looked at how aluminium packaging can ‘score points’ for sustainability. It detailed how aluminium can be recycled multiple times and how even ambitious sustainability goals can be achieved using aluminium packaging.

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