ADF Innovation Award 2024 winners announced

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The winners of the ADF Innovation Awards were announced yesterday (18 January) at a ceremony during Paris Packaging Week.
The awards were selected by a 19-strong panel, and included representatives from the likes of L'Oréal, Unilever International, Procter & Gamble, Henkel and Coty.
The jury decided to purvey six awards and issue six certificates in celebration of the best innovations and launches in the past year in the global market for aerosol and dispensing technology.
Alain D’haese, jury president of the ADF Innovation Awards, said: “The process was smooth and efficient because we have a great panel of experts who know what they are talking about.
“The trend is sustainability across all categories of products and criteria. It’s clear to see this trend or movement is coming, even if it is not in the mainstream of the market. The direction is clear.
“I’d like to thank all of those who submitted an entry. It’s fantastic to see people challenging themselves and getting something reviewed by their peers. That made for a high standard of competition, and the competition was fierce. So, the winners can be particularly proud of what they achieved and it will hopefully energise development departments.”
The winners of each of the six categories were as follows:
ADF Sustainable Innovation
Award: Minimalist - TUBEX GmbH
Certificate: Nivea Deo Spray + New Leipzig Aerosol Production Center – Beiersdorf AG, head office
Certificate: CFPA and BPA-NI for steel mounting cups - ArcelorMittal Flat Europe
Personal Care
Award: PureOra36500 CREAMY TOOTHPASTE - Kao Corporation
Certificate: SAGE® Azalea Flow Control - DTS Europe
Certificate: Refill by Respray Solutions Kft - TUBEX GmbH
Certificate: Nivea pearl & beauty - TUBEX GmbH
Award: Lysol Air Sanitizer - Reckitt
Industrial & Technical Application
Award: Monoblock steel can for Förch TF60 - xtracan GmbH
Concept of the year
Award: Kao Salon Color Wizard – Kao Germany GmbH
Certificate: Rainbow - TUBEX GmbH
NEW: FEA Aerosol Technology of the Year
Award: Rabanne Shimmer Bomb – ENVASES GROUP
The FEA also announced its FEA Aerosol Startup Award 2024

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