Adapting a line to fill PET aerosols

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Flexibility is crucial to any aerosol business. Here, Plastipak explains how to adapt a filling line to accommodate polyethylene terephthalate (PET) aerosols.

PET aerosols are gaining traction. With a low carbon footprint, the ability to include high percentages of recycled content and the inherent shape flexibility PET offers, it is easy to see why. Having an environmentally friendly aerosol container option is just the start – that container has to be filled in order to become a finished product. PET aerosols can be filled on existing lines with some fast and cost-effective adaptations, enabling both PET and metal cans to be filled on the same filling line with some minor parts changeovers between production runs.

Line handling

In established markets such as food, beverage, personal care, and home care, PET bottles are filled successfully at very high speeds, and aerosol fillers can be confident that PET aerosol containers will not impact line efficiency with only some minor adjustments. Placing containers on the filling line is an area where change may be necessary if automated handling is...

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