Action Technology releases bag-on-valve pouch material

Tekni-Plex company, Action Technology, unveils its pouch material solution specifically for the aerosols market.

Following Tekni-Plex’s recent acquisition of flexible packaging manufacturer Oracle Packaging, its Action Technology business highlights the aerosol applications for its bag-on-valve (BOV) packaging.


Aerosol pouches

Developed for, and aimed at the cosmetics and personal care industries, the US company is promoting its aerosol and dispensing pump system components, along with its rubber cosmetic dropper bulbs and rubber mascara wipers.

Action Technology has five manufacturing facilities in the US, China, Italy and Belgium, as well as a contract manufacturing site in Argentina. It can also create its rubber compounds to meet rapidly changing and progressive cosmetics formulation requirements.

“We’ve seen a significant growth in companies interested in converting their aerosol applications to BOV pouch material. Instead of mixing the propellant in with the product, BOV technology enables the product to be contained in a multilayer, coextruded pouch which is heat sealed to the dispensing mechanism,” observed Steven Storter, senior technical sales manager, Action Technology.


Cosmetic and personal care applications

Describing how the latest BOV valve is ideal for the aerosols market, Storter explained: “The propellant is inserted into the can separately, and never comes in content with the actual product.”

By adopting BOV packaging, retailers can remove fluorinated propellants and replace pressurised gases such as CO2, nitrogen or even ambient air, as well as providing added product formulation flexibility to create varied productions.

“The recent addition of Oracle to the Tekni-Plex family complements the line of products we now offer to the aerosol and dispensing industries,” noted Storter.

The Tekni-Plex company is investing in advanced aerosols technology innovation. In July 2018, Action Technology commissioned a rubber mixing facility and is enhancing its Illinois facility to boost its production of aerosol valves and trigger pump gaskets.

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