A new era of innovation

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Mall + Herlan has added several innovations to its machinery portfolio.

With hardly any exhibitions taking place last year, Mall + Herlan is kicking off 2021 with new innovations in its machinery portfolio.

First up, is its new high-speed line CMX. Mall + Herlan’s impact extrusion line comprises the complete technology to produce monobloc aerosol cans or bottles. The line consists of three modules: in the front-end, the cylinder is formed and trimmed, lacquers and the print artworks are applied in the decoration area, and in the backend, necking and shaping customises the can.

With a production speed of 250 cans per minute (cpm), the new CMX Impact Extrusion Line is a ‘masterpiece’ in the industry, according to the company, which says the machine technology to produce shaped aerosol cans at this speed is ‘unrivalled’. The increase of speed and output of about 25% has been made possible for example by using new transfer units and optimising infeed drums in the front-end and decoration area. Even the production of cans with a gorge is possible at a speed of 250 cpm with the 40 station necker.
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