A land of opportunity

Aeropak explores the aerosol market potential in the Balkans and sheds a light on opportunities post-COVID-19.

The past year has brought many challenges to the world economy, especially to emerging market players. Aeropak is a producer of tinplate aerosol cans in Serbia, and it had just established a foothold in the aerosol industry supply chain when it faced significant disruptions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite various challenges, from disruptions in transport operations to the ongoing raw materials shortages and price hikes, Aeropak managed to seize opportunities during the pandemic.

Those opportunities mainly came in the form of new orders from aerosol fillers that needed swift deliveries due to the supply chain problems they were experiencing. The company’s significant stock of raw materials helped postpone a rise in prices of aerosol cans, while simultaneously capturing the benefits of the decrease in local transportation prices.

To overcome the dual challenges of rising demand and strains on the company cash flow – the plant was closed down several times during the...

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