A boost for US aerosol recycling

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a new ruling categorising aerosol cans as Universal Waste in a bid to boost recycling. World Aerosols asked Mike MacKay of DeSpray Environmental and Gary Okey of Recycle Aerosol to share their thoughts on the ruling and how it will impact the aerosol sector.

Mike MacKay of DeSpray Environmental

Image: Mike MacKay, DeSpray Environmental

Up until now, fewer than 40 million spray cans (approximately 1%) of the 3.7 billion US annual consumption rate are properly and safely recycled each year due to the complexity of shipping, handling and recycling costs attached to this elusive waste stream. My definition of proper recycling methods is defined as “capturing the gases and the liquids for further use or waste to energy”. 1% may seem low, but it may surprise you that the US may actually be ahead of their European and international counterparts who routinely accept shredding, baling, landfilling and...

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