FEA releases 2022 European aerosol production figures

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The European Aerosol Federation (FEA) has released its 2022 production figures for European aerosol products, with reported fillings showing that overall unit production remained stable at 5.3 billion last year.
The annual data is collected from FEA members, and focuses on giving a detailed summary of European aerosol product production by country, segment and type.
The United Kingdom (UK), Germany and France provided more than 55% of annual aerosol production in Europe for all segments. FEA reported that the UK produced 1.4 billion units (27%), Germany 971 million (18.3%) and France 650 million (12.2%).
With 533.7 million units, Italy was the fourth-largest aerosol producer, at 10%. Netherlands (7.6%) followed, with 404.4 million and Spain (5.4%) with 287 million units.
Production by segment
Personal care and household products represented more than three-quarters of European production. The former category formed over half (55.1%) of units filled, whilst the latter was over one-fifth (21.1%).
Personal care
Within this category, deodorants/antiperspirants significantly made up the bulk of aerosol units filled, at 1.6 million. Hairsprays followed, at 422.7k. Shaving mousses & gels reached 309k, and hair mousses 251.5k.
For the household segment, air fresheners were produced at the greatest volume, reaching 537.5k. Insecticides & plant protection products were next, with 220.4k units reported as being filled. A total of 107k care products (fabric, furniture, leather, shoe, textile) were produced, and cleaning products were at 60.5k.
Other products
In terms of other products, which made up 23.8% of aerosol products filled in Europe, paints & varnishes (including automobile use) were reported as being 302k. The number for industrial and technical products was 268.9k, and food was 254k. Automotive products (excluding paints) reached 220k, and pharmaceutical & veterinary products were said to be 106.4k.
Worldwide production
European aerosol production was 5.5 billion in 2012, and stood at 5.3 billion for 2022, a slight dip. The US saw a similar decline in units filled, with 3.8 billion units produced in 2012, and 3.7 billion last year. China, however, saw a strong increase over the past decade, with 1.5 billion units in 2012, and 2.6 billion in 2022.


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