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2022 Outlook – Polish Association of Aerosol Industry Employers

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By Justyna Anna Błaszczak, product manager, GASPRIME; vice president, Polish Association of Aerosol Industry Employers (PZPPA)

2022 will be challenging for Polish industry and especially for the aerosol industry. The pandemic has had a significant impact on how the industry works and how the business is seen by partners, customers and entrepreneurs. 2022 reality requires a solid position and large dose of flexibility from entrepreneurs.

Some key factors with influence on international forecasts for the year ahead are logistics difficulties, a major increase in raw material costs and new waves of the Covid pandemic. For Polish industry there are some crucial additional factors related to inflation and tensions on the Poland – Belarus border, which can lead to disturbances along the New Silk Road and has a serious influence on supply chains. Logistics difficulties are mainly caused by lack of empty containers in relation to sea freight and infrastructural difficulties and border crossing operational difficulties in relation to rail transportation. These factors heavily impact transit time and freight costs from Asia....

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