2021 Outlook – Challenges for the aluminium aerosol can value chain

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By Gregor Spengler, head of packaging at Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie (GDA), and AEROBAL’s secretary general.

Everybody who thought in 2020 that the COVID-19 crisis would be quickly fixed was wrong. To the contrary; the crisis is here to stay and will also accompany us this year.

The ongoing crisis period with repeated lockdowns, curfews, and changing consumer behaviour and spending has already had a major impact on the global economy and in some key markets of the aluminium aerosol can industry as well; e.g. the cosmetics and body care market, which accounts for roughly 80% of total can production.

Deodorants, hair, and sun care products are suffering

Demand for deodorants and antiperspirants was considerably weaker in 2020. Less travelling, less socialising and general mobility restrictions led to a reduced consumption of these products. Some distribution channels such as duty-free stores in airports were even almost completely cut off. Besides body care products, the professional hair care market also suffered considerably because hairdressers had to close their shops....

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