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A recent online conference sponsored by the Aerosol Committee of China Packaging Federation (CPF), and co-organised by Majesty Packaging Systems was entitled "Group Standard Technical Specification for Green-design Product Assessment-Aerosol Valve & Pump Drafting Discussion Conference.”
Its purpose was to discuss the initial drafts of two group standard of the CPF – which were “Technical Specifications for Green-design Product Assessment-Aerosol valve" and "Technical Specifications for Green-design Product Assessment-Pump".
The Aerosol Committee of China Packaging Federation was established in November 2002. Its main functions are to promote national policies, laws and regulations, reflect the views and interests of members and the industry to government and promote communications and coordination between members and government and to assist relevant government departments to formulate policies, regulations and industry standards.
It also aims to formulate and implement industry self-regulation, improve product quality and service quality, conduct industry research and information gathering, statistical analysis;,organise exhibitions, academic exchanges, universal education and skills training and strengthen international cooperation and exchanges.
Majesty is one of the giant global suppliers of aerosol valves and pumps. It has formed a global supply service network in China, Thailand, and Brazil. Nearly40 representatives from 22 major manufacturers of aerosol valve and pump, related brand enterprises, experts and scholars participated in the online conference, which was chaired by Zhao Kun, Secretary-General of Aerosol Committee of CPF. Attendees represented companies such as China Packaging Federation, Zhongshan Meijieshi Packaging Products, Zhongshan Lianchang Spray Pump, Yalian Chuangzhan Packaging (Qingyuan), Zhongshan Gaolinmei Packaging Technology and Zhongshan Xingstar Spray Valve.
Vice president of CPF, Wang Lim, gave insight into the development background of green manufacturing in China. Various aspects were covered, including national strategic development, the 20th National Congress, the 14th Five-Year Plan as well as the strategy of the country’s ministry of industry and information technology.
Li said that it was important to establish technical standards for the assessment of green-design products, and she put forward the requirements of future green packaging development to enterprises in aerosol valve, pump and related fields.
CPF president Zhao Kun went on to discuss the future development direction of the industry. A scientific basis for design and assessment for aerosol valve and pump-green design products will be provided once the two group standards are established, Kun said. Following this, it will be beneficial to promote the construction of the green industry system, and to guide enterprise to set up green development concepts as a mean to build green brands, Kun continued.
Similarly, it would be helpful to promote green technology innovation ability, provide technical support for the sustained, healthy and high-quality development of the industry, and improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in the international market, Kun added.
The two group standards were put forward and consolidated by CPF, written by Majesty, together with domestic and foreign enterprises related to aerosol valves and pumps.
Majesty was the main author, and it explained the significance and progress of the green standard. It also introduced the initial drafts of the two group standards–entitled “Technical Specifications for Green-design Product Assessment-Aerosol valve" and "Technical Specifications for Green-design Product Assessment-Pump".
These standards include scope, reference documentation, term definition, green-design product assessment requirement index, product life cycle evaluation report and compilation method.
Participants listened carefully to the content of the two group standards, and had the opportunity to present targeted modification suggestions on the overall framework of the initial draft, the content of each chapter, and the compilation of specifications. The participants discussed the standard draft chapter-by-chapter and article-by-article, put forward suggestions for revision, and formulated the next work plan.
This meant the participants co-operated to provide relevant data, and the chief writing unit combined the solicitation of opinions, meeting opinions and data provided after the meeting to write the standard draft for review. Majesty said it is committed to using PCR materials, explore if products can be made of single material, and possess less gram weight.
It also aims to save energy, reduce consumption and emissions, comprehensively promote green production methods and achieve green supply chain management.
It further stated its goals were to develop and utilise renewable resources whilst ensuring the quality of products, strengthen its commitment to reducing environmental impact, be proactive in recycling and reducing plastic waste.
Regal operation
As well as leading the way in authoring the group standards, Majesty has been recognised for its patenting work, recently winning an award for “One Kind of Aerosol Valve Device”.
This was a commendation released by the People's Government of Guangdong Province, which issued the “Notice of the People's Government of Guangdong Province on the Recognition of the 23rd China Patent Award and the 9th Guangdong Patent Winning Unitsand Individuals".
The China Patent Award is co-endorsed by China National Intellectual Property Administration and World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).
Majesty described this as “the top honour in [the] China patent field”, as its purpose is to strengthen the creation, protection and application of intellectual property, emphasise the importance of high-quality economic development requirements, encourage and recognise enterprises and individuals who are contributing to the technology innovation and high-quality social economic development.
Majesty said it has always committed to providing high-efficiency, reliable and safe aerosol and pump products to customers and consumers. The company said that, to meet the needs of different types of products and users’ pleasant experiences, it delves into products’ development design with ingenuity, and that it aims to constantly improve and innovate appearance, structure and performance as a means to satisfy customer pursuit of individuation and excellent usage experience.
“At present, Majesty has more than 400 patents, including more than 100 invention patents, more than 300 utility model patents and more than 10 appearance patents,” the company said. “We can provide a variety of products spray pattern to satisfy consumer diverse needs and desires,” it added.
It described itself as the backbone of the aerosol industry, and pointed to its innovation in recent years. These include pump products that adhere to green practice: such as its ExternalSpring Dispensing Pump (that can avoid solution contamination risk), All Plastic FoamPump, All Plastic Pressing Pump and All Plastic Trigger Pump (which can be recycled in their entirety).
On receiving the award, the company commented: “To live up to this honour, we will make persistent efforts and remain true to [our] original aspiration, continue to enhance our own strength, move forward to large scale, specialisation and industrialisation, provide better service and products to our customers, keep satisfy[ing]and even exceed[ing] customers’ expectation[s]. Majesty will take concrete action to create a sustainable future.”

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