CFA releases French aerosol production figures for 2022

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The Comité Français des Aérosols (CFA) Statistics Commission met on 10 March to compile 2022 production figures of aerosols in France.
The findings have now been released, and the CFA stated that, in 2022, the production of aerosol dispensers in France increased by 8.7% (649,78 million units vs 598 million units in 2021) - all segments combined.
This growth saw production resume to the level of 2018 (648 million units), and represents approximately 1,300 aerosols being filled per minute.
The CFA added that filling activity in 2022 marked a resumption of activity following the Covid-19 pandemic, which has disrupted the profession since 2020. Nevertheless, the aerosol dispenser industry in France "maintains a strong position in Europe", as will be shown when the European Aerosol Federation (FEA) publishes its figures in September 2023.
The CFA's figures showed two growing segments, with the "Household category" increasing by 15%. There was a strong increase in air fresheners (which rose by 29.5%) and the "other products category" (which rose by 37%) - including textile/carpet; furniture polish; oven cleaners; bathroom and kitchen; leather/shoe care and other household aerosols.
The "Personal care" segment increased by 10.6%, with deodorants rising by 13% and shaving products by 9.5%. On the other hand, hair products excluding dry shampoos underwent a significant drop of 6.7%.
The "Miscellaneous category" includes products related to automotive & cycles; paint & varnish; industrial and technical; pharmaceutical & veterinary; food and others. This category's segments had disparate changes.
For example, pharmaceuticals and veterinary products saw slight growth at 1.3%. On the other hand, the automotive/cycle; paint and industrial/technical products segments remained at the 2021 level - a year where levels rose by 5.4%.
For the year ahead, the CFA commented that supply chain disruptions will have repercussions, and that supply times, raw material costs and the impact of inflation on purchasing power will also define the coming year's activity.
The declared results are based on declared data from members and non-members of CFA. The CFA said that "reporting by industry players in France is completely confidential and the Commission's discussions are conducted in compliance with this confidentiality".
Production and filling activities published since 2017 do not include the volume of inhalers as they are not considered as aerosol dispensers per EU ADD 75/324.
Jean Blottiere, délégué général of the CFA, stated: "I would particularly like to thank the component producers, fillers and marketers, members or non-members of CFA, who have contributed in providing an accurate vision for 2022. Like last year, the feedback was extremely comprehensive and the result allows us to properly assess the weight of our industry in France."
A deep-dive analysis of the report will feature in the May/June 2023 issue of World Aerosols.

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