BOA Nutrition releases aerosol sports energy supplement

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BOA Nutrition has launched BOA Ignite, an oral aerosol sports energy supplement, designed to elevate athletic performance.
The company said it was created using BOA's patented OraBlast technology, which delivers atomised nutrients that are rapidly absorbed. A two-second spray of Ignite provides caffeine, B vitamins and electrolytes, as well as fast-acting and slow-acting carbohydrates.
BOA Nutrition added that it possessed deep understanding of athletes' needs - and how quickly these needs can change during competition. For example, athletes often do not have adequate time for supplements like drinks, gels, bars or powders to take effect - especially when the body's metabolism is under stress.
Consequently, micro-dosing - or "precision nutrition" - enables athletes to control how much or little they receive, as a means to ignite the metabolic engine and sustain optimal performance, according to the firm.
The small, two-ounce canister has a similar look and feel as the company’s first product launch, BOA Endure. Through a citrus-flavoured spray, Ignite’s concentrated, atomised nutrients are propelled into an athlete’s mouth and absorbed up to 10 times faster, removing the need for excessive fluid intake, concluded BOA Nutrition.
“We’re proud of the way Endure disrupted the hydration market, and look forward to Ignite doing the same in the sports energy category,” said Jon Pritchett, CEO of BOA Nutrition.
“Our proprietary formulations combined with the aerosol mode of delivery is a game-changer that provides athletes with a distinct advantage in training and in competition.”
The product will start shipping from 15 January.

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