Behind the scenes of LINDAL’s website success

A unique colour coding and two-way search system has helped customers of LINDAL Group to better identify their products and services.

In January 2019, LINDAL Group hit the launch button on its new website. Complete with a product colour coding concept, 360° product views and a host of other new features, the platform has since been paying dividends for its visitors. Group marketing manager Kashif Choudhry, who managed its implementation, reveals the reasons behind the website refresh and shares some insight as to what will be coming up in the future.

The new site was launched over 18 months ago – how has it been performing?

Since launching, the site has seen 20% more traffic than the previous year, an additional 1,000 monthly visitors in 2020, and new leads have multiplied by five. Our news section has also become one of the most visited areas of the platform.

Why was it important to Lindal to refresh the website?

Having listened to our customers, we recognised that finding product details quickly and easily was a crucial part of their...

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