Alamance Foods launches three flavours of vegan-friendly whipped cream

Alamance Foods
Alamance Foods
Alamance Foods has introduced Whipt - a dairy-free substitute for whipped cream that comes in three varieties, including oat, almond and coconut. The company said the oat version is the first product of its kind, and that it tastes like vanilla.
Consequently, the Whipt products are vegan-friendly, and the company said vegans can "enjoy all the advantages of whipped cream without being concerned about how it will affect their health, taste or the environment."
The company suggested demand for products like Whipt is likely to increase in a post-pandemic world where health consciousness is of a greater consideration to many. It added that "light whipping cream with reduced fat content will be in higher demand."
Furthermore, at a time when greenhouse emissions and climate change caused by the dairy industry are very much in focus, many people are switching to plant-based alternatives.
Whipt said the almonds, oats and coconut that are used for its products consume a lot less water and have a lower impact in terms of greenhouse emissions than the dairy industry.
It comes in a steel can that is more recyclable and has a shelf life of 180 days. This means that it is likely to be used over a longer period of time, which again contributes positively in terms of sustainability. With Whipt, consumers now have a viable alternative to dairy-based whipped cream that both adults and children will enjoy, according to the firm.
"When vegans consciously adopt a vegan lifestyle, they lose access to a lot of products that they enjoyed before. Despite switching to a vegan lifestyle, Whipt provides an alternative that closely resembles the taste of whipped cream," said Mohan Valluri, vice-president of sales and product development at Alamance Foods.
"In addition to having the same delicious taste and soft texture as whipped cream, Whipt offers the three advantages that it is dairy-free, gluten free and guilt-free. The flavor is such that there is no aftertaste, and it goes with almost all foods," he concluded.
Alamance Foods

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