A family firm with big ambitions

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Driven by ‘stubborn desire’, Italian firm Tosvar, run by the Gioia family, constantly sets itself new milestones in the aerosol sector.

Pozzo d’Adda, Lombardy. Just a short distance from the river that evokes the artistic and intellectual achievements of Leonardo da Vinci lies TOSVAR, a company that embodies the true spirit of Italian culture, and satisfaction for a job well done.

The company is about to celebrate its 60th anniversary and is now one of Europe’s leading aerosol spray can manufacturers, but it has retained the overwhelming desire to explore, experiment and change direction, if need be, without ever losing sight of the finish line, where success lies.

“We are proud of our roots,” said Gloria Gioia, a member of the third generation at the helm of Tosvar, “because they are the foundations of the values that guide us, particularly our focus on the relationship with our collaborators, suppliers, and customers. However, we also keep our sights firmly set on the future.

“Ten years ago, when I joined the company, I decided to speed up the process of internationalisation that my...

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