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By Nicholas Georges, senior vice-president, scientific & international affairs, Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA).

With 2021 behind us, it’s time to focus on what the US aerosol industry can expect in 2022. While we’ve been thinking about and preparing for these issues over the last few months, it’s now time to address them. In 2021, Maine and Oregon became the first two states to pass Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation for consumer products, including aerosol products. The regulatory structure of these laws is still being worked out, but we know that other states are planning to pursue similar legislation in 2022. This will likely result in a patchwork of different requirements for how aerosol products are disposed of and recycled between states.

Inconsistent EPR policies make it even more critical for the US recycling system to accept empty aerosol containers. To support this effort, HCPA is working with the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) on an aerosol recycling initiative to educate consumers about recycling, address critical data gaps, and increase the acceptance of empty...

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